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30mm Premium Turf Tile

30mm Premium Turf Tile

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Our 30mm Premium Turf Tile is made from a 20mm thick shock-absorbing base layer with a 10mm premium sprint track artificial grass top layer.

Turf Tiles provide the flexibility you need for functional training areas, acting as both a sled/prowler track along with providing a shock-absorbing area for kettlebell training and other free weights. The tiles come in the same size as our Premium Rubber Tiles allowing you to make your turf area as large or small as you require, whilst integrating seamlessly with the rest of the rubber floor area. Easy to install, our Turf Tiles lock together in the same way as our Premium Rubber Tiles with plastic connector blocks that push into the holes under each tile.

Size and Spec:

  • Tile Size: 1m x 0.5m x 30mm (2 tiles = 1 Square Metre)
  • Tile Weight: 8.7kg (17.4kg per m2)
  • Tile Colour: Green
  • Tile Material: 100% Recycled Tyre Rubber with a Synthetic artificial grass top layer
  • Base Layer: 2-3mm granules
  • Surface Layer: Synthetic artificial grass upper layer with 10mm pile height
  • Floor Hardness – is 60+/-5 ShA
  • Sound Insulation – 20dB (ISO 10140-3)
  • Simple Installation: No floor adhesive requires, tiles connect together with hidden connector blocks underneath the tiles on all sides to prevent any movement
  • Resistance to chemicals: good resistance to acids, alkalis and salts. Contact with oils and hydrocarbons is not advisable and will damage the floor tiles
  • Tools Required for Fitting: Stanley knife and a rubber hammer
  • Cleaning:  Use a stiff brush to remove debris. To give a deep clean use a wet vacuum cleaner with clean water and pH-neutral detergent


Size & Spec

  • RatingComercial
  • Product Weight8.7kg (17.4kg per m2)
  • Assembled Size1m x 0.5m x 30mm (2 tiles = 1 Square Metre)
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