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3kg Slam Balls

3kg Slam Balls

Gym Gear

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Perfect for explosive, powerful movements, our slam balls are manufactured from ultra durable materials to withstand anything you throw them at.

They provide an effective and fun way to build explosive strength, improve muscular endurance, increase speed and reaction time as well as strengthen and tone a wide variety of muscles.

Unlike medicine balls, our slam balls boast a robust design that protects them against splitting, letting you take your training to the max in total confidence!

Ideal for circuit training and functional / CrossFit style workouts, no gym or fitness studio is complete without this awesome training tool.


Product Features

  • Sand filled to absorb the energy of slamming
  • Heavy duty construction with extra thick rubber shell
  • Non-bouncing / non-rolling
  • Textured surface with non-slip grip for easy handling
  • Available from 3 – 15kg
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