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Balance Board - Ankle Stability and Rehabilitation Aid

Balance Board - Ankle Stability and Rehabilitation Aid

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  • The 40cm wobble board is a total package for body fitness and everyday balance training. Great way to improve core strength, and posture and enhances coordination.
  • The non-slip balance board made of ABS plastic with an anti-slip design on the surface ensures safety while exercising. The fitness board is ideal for use at home, gymnastics or office
  • People of all ages can use this wobble balance board. Ideal for all activities athletes, and dancers recovering from ankle or knee joint injuries. Great exercise board that can re-strengthen your muscles and improve your balance Ideal for rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Our Balance board physio stability disc allows 360° rotation and up to 15° tilting, great for improving stability performing exercises like side to side, front to back, calf stretch and circular drills.
  • The fitness balance board lightweight and durable design makes it suitable for muscle strengthening in targeted areas of the body, body balance board balance training board is suitable for anyone up to 100kg .

Balance Board is a convenient tool for strengthening your ankle muscles and can also help improve core abdominal strength and perform a variety of workouts. Ideal for rehab for leg injuries the balance board is a lightweight and durable design making it suitable for muscle strengthening in targeted areas of the body.  Great rehabilitation aid helping you get your strength back 


  • Use to improve balance, coordination and flexibility.
  • Ideal for plank exercises making you develop your workouts
  • Use during the early to intermediate stages of rehabilitation.
  • Can help train core muscles and tone abs. 
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