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Bench Esus

Bench Esus


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You will be able to train in 3 different ways. Made of quality material to ensure 100% safety. It has compact dimensions, so you will definitely find a place for it in the gym or room. 

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Technical Specifications:

Parameter Value
Dimensions 130 cm x 51 cm x 45 cm
(length x height x width)
Weight 20 kg
Tested durability 350 kg + weight practitioner 130 kg
Steel profile 50x50x2 mm
Backrest width 28 cm
Backrest length 81 cm
Seat length 31 cm
Foam thickness 3 cm
Base width 45 cm
Base length 130 cm
Seat hight 40 cm
The possibility of installing additional accessories - Kelton HOME preacher HZ1
- Kelton HEAVY preacher of the backrest frame HZ5
- Kelton HEAVY preacher with adjustable tilt angle HZ6
- Kelton HOME station on foot HZ3
- Kelton HEAVY station on foot HZ14
- Kelton HOME lift bench HZ4
- Kelton HEAVY lift bench HZ15
- Kelton HOME element to block thighs HZ2
* Mounting additional accessories kit is required in the composition, which includes: knob, grommet, pin.



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