Butterfly HZ9 for lifts - Heavy Duty

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Super durable, fully welded construction of50x50x2 mm. 300 KILOGRAMS will work on every muscle fiber of your chest.
6 handles and 2 training techniques: chest press and chest fly With such a diverse workout, all the chest muscles will be at their performance limits.You don't need aa bench for that. With this Butterfly you will do your chest press on the pulley!
1:1 Load ratio It`s that simple, you put 100 KG and you feel 100 KG. You save weights and you don`t have to calculate how much to put on the lift.
3cm trick, double stitch upholstery. Finally you won`t feel the board crashing your shoulders and back!
Thick solid, Kelton plastic wheels with steel bearings manufactured according to our design Your lifetime warranty for perfect cable management.
Deep grooves. The cable won`t last that long in any other lifting system. There`s no need to replace it so often.
Doubly protected bearings. Perfect for your intense back workouts!
Training cables completed with sleeves fixed with 2 hex socket screws. You can work with really heavy weights and you're 100% safe.
It goes with HEAVY Python and HEAVY Gladius. You already have a lift. All you need now is the chest building equipment.
Tested and approved by professors of the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow.

You are sure that you are buying equipment that is proven by strength training specialists.



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Technical Specifications:

Parameter Value
Overall dimensions 100 cm x 125cm
(heightx width)
Weight 15 kg
Tested strength 300 kg
Construction profile 50x50x2 mm
Exercise technique - chest fly
- chest press
Backrest 80 cm x 30 cm
(length x width)
Shoulder support 30 cm x 17 cm
(length x width)
Wheels: Plastic with steel bearings and deep groove for the training cable
Line: 4 mm PCV
Works with: - HEAVY Python
- HEAVY Gladius

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