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Ceiling mounted Pull Up Kit

Ceiling mounted Pull Up Kit


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You will be able to train in 3 different ways with this item. It has a compact dimension, so you will definitely find a place for it in the gym or in a room. You can be sure that you are buying the equipment that's been tested by a top specialists from strength training.

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Technical Specifications:

Parameter Value
Gabaryty 110 cm x 30 cm
(Length x height)
Weight 5 kg
Tested strength Practitioner weight 110 kg
Structural profile closed profile fi 34 mm with a thickness of 2 mm
round profile fi 22 mm with a thickness of 2 mm
sheet 3 mm
Hole Spacing 9 cm
The distance between the brackets for mounting to the ceiling 45 cm
Mounting hole diameter fi 12 mm
The distance from the wall of the rod 21 cm
Number of handles 6 (3 types of training)
Spacing between the handles
(Counted on the outside)
30 cm, 50 cm, 110 cm
Length of handles 13 cm
Shank diameter 27 mm
Dowels lack brak
(Shop construction will select pins ideal for the type of material in your wall)
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