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Fitness Gym Strap Workout Set

Fitness Gym Strap Workout Set

Fitness Health

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COMPLETE GYM STRAP KIT: The fitness health Gym strap complete with clips and handles is the perfect workout kit for wall anchoring battle ropes. This gym strap solution is lightweight, easy to use, and designed for short or long-term workouts. You can use this simple tool in loads of different workouts.

MULTIPLE USES: This portable extension strap can be used as a suspension training anchor or punch bag meaning you can utilize the strap to adapt to your workout space, you'll never find yourself stranded without the correct gym gear ever again with the battle rope strap helping you out.

PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR OR INDPPR WORKOUT: The exercise strap carabiner outdoor workout set allows you to connect fitness equipment to standing structures it is a must-have for every fitness enthusiast. The anchor is designed for indoor or outdoor use and it’s solid and durable.

COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: These are perfect, comfy, have a good grip and good D link, and will easily withstand up to 60kg on a cable good grip. It’s also easy to set up and take down with no need for any tools. Designed for aerobic and anaerobic exercise, physical fitness, and weight loss, which can help effectively build muscle, and strength and tone the body.

PORTABLE EXTENSION STRAP: Weighing this portable extension strap comes complete with a hook and handles and is the ultimate accessory for exercise ropes training ropes who want to attach equipment to solid structures like trees, hooks, concrete pillars, or poles.
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