Resistance Band / Suspension Training Galvanised Wall Ceiling Mount Ring and Hook

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  • Heavy duty solid Steel Construction
  • 4-Hole design (mount to Wood Beams / Studs or Concrete Walls)
  • Mount horizontal or vertical for suspension training 
  • Just clip your carabiner to the ring mount, easy to use space saving equipment. Can be used for different type of TRX, punch bags and resistance bands etc.  

Weight depends on the fixing. Once fixed with all 4 bolts firmly secured into the wall, the mount handles of your weight. Ideal for your home workouts and exercises, allowing you to dedicate a specified area to hang your gym.

We recommend that you have a professional builder to install this mount. This product comes without screws or bolts.


Plate - 4mm Thickness / 50mm x 50mm Square

Staple - 30mm from back of plate to front end of staple / 6mm Thickness

Holes - 6mm Diameter