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Crossfit Olympic Bar Weight Lifting Barbell Bar

Crossfit Olympic Bar Weight Lifting Barbell Bar

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7ft/86″ Sprung steel Pro-Bearing Olympic Bar with 6 bearings and dual snap ring closing system with a hard, rust proof chrome finish. This crossfit bar will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

This crossfit olympic bar has double snap-lock rings which have additional protection in the form of yellow end caps. This not only protects the end bearings and clips against dirt and dust ingress, but also protect the ends of the crossfit olympic bars from damage should they come into contact with the floor.

All these features make this bar possibly the best in it’s class for crossfit use.

Crossfit Olympic Bar Dimensions and Specifications: 

  • Max load – 2000Lbs
  • 65Mn Heat Treated Steel
  • 6 Bearings in each end: 2 pc needle bearings 4 pc plain/ball bearings (12 bearings per bar)
  • 215.000 PSI, 2000 Lbs max. Load
  • 28mm Spring Steel Shaft x 220cm long x 20Kg
  • Hard Chrome Finish
  • Marked with bot Olympic IWF & IPF markers
  • No central knurling
  • Weight and length tolerance of +/- 2%
  • Dual Snap ring end-cap security, protected by durable sacrificail plastic end cap.


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