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Crossfit Training Complete Set
Crossfit Training Complete Set
Crossfit Training Complete Set
Crossfit Training Complete Set
Crossfit Training Complete Set

Crossfit Training Complete Set

Product Description

Crossfit Training Complete Set consists of the essential equipment for crossfit WODs. 
Gymnastic rings have great suspension for home  and outdoor training system.
  • Ring uses high-grade ABS plastic material with a diameter of 20-23cm
  • Maximum loading is 250kg
  • Webbing - width of 2.3cm with a length 5 meters.  Size (WxL) 2.3 cm x 500 cm
  • Non-slip surface quick adjustment with zinc alloy attachments
  • Internal diameter of the ring: 3cm ,External diameter of the ring: 23cm 

Plenty of different exercises that can be complete with the suspension training rings. Advanced design keeps the rings stable, allows for quick mounting, easy adjustment and have light weight nylon webbing straps.

Colour: black

Heavy Duty PVC coated Cast Iron Kettlebell 12kg  

  • perfect for home or gym use. The kettlebell's have a protective coating that will prevent the iron from chipping and rusting.  
  • Where fitness health kettlebells differ from others, is that the new design has a thinner handle at just 30mm diameter. Having a thick handle can sometimes be restrictive, and can make it hard to complete many of the kettlebell swinging exercises.  The thinner handle the more room for grip. 
  • Kettlebells are great for building strength and muscle. Developing  co-ordination flexibility and build solid core strength. 


FH Steel Jump Rope 

  • FH Steel jump rope is perfect for high intensity CrossFit workout, helping you increase your skipping speed, the steel jump rope cuts through the air more quickly, ensuring to maintain maximum speed.
  • Two comfortable handles with ball bearing attachment for smooth and consistent movement.
  • The rope is completely adjustable up to 270cm length.
  • The  thickness of the steel wire is 2.5mm encased in a thin layer of nylon to reduce the risk of injury.


FH battle rope is ideal for high energy strength indoor or outdoor cardio workouts.The battle rope is made from Polyester high quality ergo design makes it ideal for all types of training. Crossfit/ Rugby / Circuits etc


  • Colour :Black 
  • Length : 9 meters 
  • Material: rope/Polyester Dacron    two ends /polyethylene contracted pipe
  • 38mm Diameter
  • 9.2Metre Battling Rope
  • G.W.: 8.35 Kg
  • Length: 9.2m/30ft


FH Stretch strap is ideally used for yoga, helping exercises increased range of motion with stretch exercises. 

  • Better than resistance bands our non-elastic non-latex stretching strap is made with 100% premium quality nylon webbing.
  • The FH stretch strap can be used for physical therapy, athletic teams and CrossFit
  • Nylon webbing will give you more support for stretching muscles. 
  • FH 180cm long strap with 10 independent stretching loops  (16cm average each loop length) 2 cm width webbing

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