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Decline Bench

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Tested durable and made up of high quality steel. Has a massive base to ensure safety. Multi purpose that you can use to get your abs into perfection as well as your chest.

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Technical Specifications:

Parameter Value
Dimensions 140 cm x 60-75 cm x 50 cm
(length x hight x width)
Weight 20 kg
Tested durability 400 kg
Steel profile 50x50x2 mm and round profile 60x3 mm
Diameter of the round profile in bench base 6 cm
Backrest regulation 5 levels (every 3 cm)
Backrest width 28 cm
Backrest length 81 cm
Diameter of the bolster 9 cm
Bolster length 23 cm
Upholstery thickness 3 cm
Double sews yes

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