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This Football Team Training set is designed for semi professional football teams. The fitness equipment is to complement the fitness skills needed for overall team improvement. Ideal for combining fast foot work skills, plyometrics and reaction training drills. The set includes ; 


4 Eco Speed Training Ladder 4 meter

2 Power Sprint Parachute

2 Evasion Belt 

12 Bibs 

2 Agility Balls 

4 Hurdles of each size 6", 9" and 12"

50 Marker saucer cones - 5 colours with stand 



    Parachute includes belt with velcro closure. FH chute works from wind resistance, mesh panels open when as trainer runs in the direct against the wind helping increase resistance.  Quick release Velcro strap provides easy release into overspeed.

    • Easily folds down to fit in the carrying bag included. 35 lbs of resistance
    • Color: Black Material: Polyester
    • Diameter: Approx. 56 inch
    • Adjustable Waist: Approx. 20-42 inch
    • Package Content: 1 x Running chute 1 x Carrying case

    Speed ladders are great tools for athletes, circuit training, personal trainers and sports teams they can be one of the most useful pieces of training equipment.a

    • Made up of nylon webbing straps & adjustable flat plastic rungs in between.
    • 4 meters in length
    •  Complete with fitness health Carry Bag

      Speed Hurdles - Great for plyometrics drills 

      • Made from  high visible neon PVC 
      • All 3 sizes included in the package - 6" , 9" and 12"
      • 4 Pieces of each size 

      Agility Reaction Ball - Great for training keepers reaction skills


      High Visible Bibs - For football training matches available in children's and adults sizes


      Marker Cones - Used for dribbling drills and sprinting tests 


      Evasion Belts - Great for paring team mates together for completing mirror drills, ideal training for defenders to keep close to their markers



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