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FH Gym Multi Strap with Handles

FH Gym Multi Strap with Handles

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Product Feature:
  • Our training strap for the home gym is crafted length 58 cm with neoprene protection inside complete with top-grade foam material and the handle is made of high-grade
  • ABS plastic with a diameter of 14 cm to maintain the product standard and to provide long-lasting use.
  • Quality is highly preferable to quantity! It can support up to 250 kg weight as a maximum loading capacity.
  • This gym multi-tool training straps set can be used for different workouts at unique positions. By using this multi trainer, you can improve muscle strength throughout the body.


Feel the natural exercise strategy! These gym training straps can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. More than the indoor workout, you will feel more fresh and energetic while doing a workout outdoors.

Can be weight loaded with:

Kettlebell, dumbbell, weighted plate and power bags

Multi-tool use for Cable machine attachment: 

Bent over row 

Tricep rope 

Double hand handle 

Single handle


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Customer Reviews

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Maher Mohamed
Personal Trainer Reviews

After trying the handle strap in different exercises such as the bicep curls, front raises, and barbell rows, I have to say that the quality of the strap is great and it could withstand heavy weights. Also, the foam handles are comfortable and have a nice grip. However, a big problem encountered me and its the length of the strap.

The length of the strap didn’t allow me to extend my arm to a full extension therefore I couldn’t perform the movement in a full range of motion. This is for a 180cm person right there. For a shorter person, it would be worse. I will attach 2 videos for you to notice that the elbows and arms didn’t fully stretch at the bottom due to the length of the strap. Also, I used a small plate (10kg) which is smaller in size than 20kg for instance.