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FH HD Harness Speed Training - Heavy Duty Pull up to 200kg

FH HD Harness Speed Training - Heavy Duty Pull up to 200kg

Fitness Health

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Product Feature:
  • Strong nylon harness with extra padded shoulder straps, 50 mm in width. HD Harness - 15 inch Shoulder Straps
  • Fits up to 40 inches waist. 
  • 3 x D rings placed on either side waist of harness and one in the centre back of the harness. 
  • Pulling strap is made from nylon webbing and is 3 Meter (10 Ft) with an 8cm carabiner at each end.
  • Complete with attractive carry bag.


FH HD Speed resistor harness training gives you the perfect tool for athletes that are looking to improve their power, speed, and strength. This simple but effective piece of equipment can be used for a variety of exercises and activities, with a load capacity of 400 lb.

The adjustable resistance and speed options make this product a great choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This is the perfect solution to help train strength, speed, power, and flexibility all at once.

This heavy-duty resistor is designed to help you pull heavy items like prowlers and tyres, which will help you reach your peak performance. So if you're looking to take your training to the next level, look no further than FH HD Speed resistor harness training!



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