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FH Leg Lateral Resistance Band Gilder Set

FH Leg Lateral Resistance Band Gilder Set

Fitness Health

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Product Feature:

  • Our high-quality bands and sliders with unique designs will help you release the tightness in your body with only
  • 10-15 minutes workout in the morning at home or throughout the day, anytime and anywhere you want.
  • Each mini loop resistant band is engineered with an extra care for reliable, long lasting performance and protection against snaps and breaks.

Set contains:

1 x FH Lateral Stepper band 

1 x Set of FH Gliding discs 2pc 

1 x Set of Mini loop resistance bands 

1 x Lateral Resistance Step Band 

FH Lateral Resistance Band is an aid that helps improve and strengthen your lateral motion. The band is made from heavy latex and is connected to two padded ankle straps.  

FH Pro Leg  Resistance Exercise Loop Bands used for a variety of fitness applications and are ideal for lower body exercises.

Loop band strength, size and colour:

Red 6 lbs resistance - Medium - Band Length - 10'' x 2'' - 26 cm loop length 

Yellow 8 lbs resistance - Heavy - Band Length - 10''x 2'' - 28 cm loop length 

FH gliding Two-sided design works well on various floors, plastic side for smooth surfaces (carpet or rug flooring), and the soft foam side for hard floors (hardwood, laminate, tile).

Lightweight and compact, packed in the storage sack for convenient storage and carrying, ideal for gym fitness, home/office workout or business travel.

Diameter 20 cm thickness 0.5 cm 

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