FH Personal Trainer Outdoor Training Set

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FH PT Outdoor training package. This is a great way for PT's to keep their clients on their toes, helping keep your sessions fresh with little ease. This package includes all the essential equipment for Personal Training, get the results your clients want whilst keeping every session different. 

Set includes one of each products below; 


FH Pro Speed Agility ladder 4 meters 

FH Pro Suspension Strap Set 

FH Pro Resistance band 11 piece set 


With this set you can exercise with clients singularly in pairs or small groups. Set up your stations like you would with any training class. 


Speed ladders are ideal for fast footwork training, this is a great way to get the brain working as well as the muscles. These are simple but very effective tools which work well with circuits or great with your client one on one training. This can increase cardio fitness with speed and reaction training. 


Suspension training is the new thing in the world of fitness. Suspension training is pure bodyweight training helping you focus your strength exercises on the chosen muscle groups. 


Resistance band training set another tool for effective strength training. When using these bands you can produce great results,  not just muscle strength but balance, agility and muscle power. Combining the whole band set you can deliver a staggering 150 lbs resistance. By using resistance this  set you can use a combination of 30 different weight loads.