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FH Pilates Resistance Band Set

FH Pilates Resistance Band Set

Fitness Health Pro

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Product Feature:

  • Tone your body and sculpt your figure with the FH Pilates Resistance Band Set.
  • These bands can be great for targeting those hard to train areas, like the buttocks and hips.
  • The figure 8 and O-Shape expander are perfect for toning the thighs and sculpting legs, while the resistance band with handles is ideal for whole body exercises.
  • With this set, you can create hundreds of different exercises to help you achieve the perfect physique.
  • FH Pilates set is ideal for Pilates workouts, helping people to improve postures by strengthening and conditioning body muscles. 


1pcs  Red O-Shape Expander- 5*9*700mm
1pcs Red 8-Shape Expander- 5*9*1000mm
1pcs Red 1-Shape Expander-5*9*1200mm

    All bands are medium tension up to 25lbs in strength.

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