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Viper Speed Sprint Resistance Band 3 Meter Bungee Cord

Viper Speed Sprint Resistance Band 3 Meter Bungee Cord

Fitness Health Pro

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Product Feature:

  • Viper Bungee Cord contains 2 webbing belts with neoprene stitched into the webbing for comfort. 
  • Our Bungee cord is a 3-meter long, making this long and stronger the FH Viper Resistance Cord is covered with a nylon sleeve to add extra protection.
  • Gaining extra stretch is vital for Overspeed training. The harness combined with the viper cord acts as a natural drag of the weight, the resistance starts slowly then increases further as you stretch the cord. 
  • The complete bungee cord set comes with an attractive carry bag.
  • Belt maximum stretch is 44 inches in the waist.


Item Description 

FH Pro Viper Bungee Cord speed training is excellent for strength agility increase. Fitness Health Speed ​​Harness Training is an excellent tool that can increase both your speed and strength. The wiring harness is around the torso and is also attached to the rope. The attachment is left to the D-ring on the back of the harness. The person who starts wearing the harness, the training partner is able to control the resistance, by slowing down the speed of the sprinter and releasing it to accelerate. Ideal for your athletic sprint training, hockey, rugby and short-distance running and athletic sports. The Slingshot resistance band is coated with nylon for protection, thus a long life for the resistance band and more security with an attractive carrying case. 

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