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FH Pro Foam Roller - Muscle Recovery Massage

FH Pro Foam Roller - Muscle Recovery Massage

Fitness Health Pro

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FH Pro roller unique pin point foam roller for fitness muscle massage  

Massaging specific areas of the body help with tension release before and after exercise

Large Size Foam roller 

33 cm Length x 14 cm Diameter 


Remove toxins from muscle tissue and help blood circulation

FH Pro used by top athletes for   Self-Myofascial Release (SMR)

Foam-rolling and similar myofascial release methods can split up the adhesions within the connective tissue and encourage improved utility and a decrease in injury risk. 

Short, rapid rolls on these areas can be utilised as well.

Initiate with mild rolls across the foam, feasibly with reduced pressure from backing of partial bodyweight by the arms and/or feet, making interchanging passes across the span of the muscle or targeted area for about 15-30 seconds. The individual will then stop with the roll beneath each particularly tender area, giving the pressure time to assist in releasing the fascia.

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