FH Pro Speed Training Set

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1 FH Resistance Band Kinetic Leg Set 

1 FH Speed Resistance Chute 

  • 2 red (10.5-12lbs) bands
  • 2 green (15-18lbs) bands
  • 2 black elastic (22lbs) bands
  • 2 Thigh straps
  • 1 carry bag

When  all the bands are attached you can achieve a total weight of 66lbs.

The bands are made from latex and have reinforced hooks.

  • Resistance Bands are made from Latex tubing used for strength training.
  • Each bands length is 240mm.
  • This is a  light weight set, easy storing and fully portable.

The band package comes with two leg straps which fit around the higher thigh, you can adjust the leg cuff size to fit upper and lower legs for training different muscle groups.

Speed training chute

Colour; black

Size ; 56cm in length

This training parachute is designed to help you increase your speed, an amazing way for increasing professional or semi athletes, football or rugby performance.

Ideal for sprint training- short distance runners .

The key element with parachute training is that is a safe and great way to build speed, strength and stamina.

Its simple and effective tool to use,  you attach the power chute the back of the athlete with a harness, you can adjust  amount of drag  increasing the resistance by using the adjuster to slide  up or down.

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