FH Push Sledge Team Series

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 FH Push Sledge Team Series is deigned for outdoor speed and strength training. Attachments on the front of the sled allow you to attach a harness to the sledge for resistance running, then the added benefit of the bar across the back of the sledge for pushing the weights. 

Stronger legs will lead to greater explosive power, more strength to break through tackles and increase your fast twitch muscles improving acceleration.

This sledge comes complete with adult sized speed harness and webbing carabiner attachments. 

Attach the sledge to a heavy-duty harness that attaches around your shoulders and waist.

The size of the product:

  • 72cm length 
  • 40cm width
  • 26cm height


FH Push Sledge Team Series is made of cast iron and coated in blue metallic paint. Ideally for Iron cast plates for training 1 inch diameter.