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FH Resistance Bands Legs and Glute Exercise Loop 5 Band set

FH Resistance Bands Legs and Glute Exercise Loop 5 Band set

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This 5-band set is designed for strength, mobility, and power training. Each band is made of non-slip latex for comfort and durability, and the improved design offers a wide range of resistances from 8 - 130 lbs. Perfect for those looking to tone and define the glute muscles and legs; the bands can also be used for pulling and hip thrusts.


Product Feature:

  • Our FH Exercise Resistance Bands are made from latex and can be used in loads of exercises such like lateral steps, squats and lunges. 
  • These resistance loop bands are great for women and men of all fitness levels whether your a beginner or an athlete you'll be sure to test your strength abilities. 
  • The Loop band lengths are 29 cm and width of 4 cm. The bands deliver approximately 8 - 130 lbs of resistance at different levels. 
  • Each resistance band offers a different level of resistance multiple bands can be worn together to achieve maximum resistance and surely strong enough to put any exerciser to the test. 


Resistance bands are light weight training tools that can be used to improve your joint and muscle mobility. These bands are robust and are used for a range of fitness techniques. 


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