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Football Referee Cards Red/Yellow Refs Wallet

Football Referee Cards Red/Yellow Refs Wallet

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Essential Referee Set for Football and Soccer - This comprehensive kit contains a sleek black pocket book, standard-sized red and yellow cards, a pencil, and score plan cards, making it a must-have for officiating football and soccer matches.

Card Dimensions - The red and yellow penalty cards measure 11 x 7 cm (4.3 x 2.75 inches), ensuring they are easily noticeable and standard for professional use.

Compact Wallet - The referee card wallet has a folded size of 8.3 x 12 cm (3.27 x 4.7 inches), designed to fit comfortably in any referee's pocket for quick access during a game.

Included Accessories - A pencil is included in the set for marking scores and notes on the score plan cards, allowing referees to keep accurate records throughout the game.

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