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Functional Gym Training Vest

Functional Gym Training Vest

Gym Gear

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Functional Gym Training Vest

Functional gym Training Vest provide the following information, 

  • Durable, waterproof vest
  • Low impact resistance
  • Comfortable fit
  • The ultimate harness or attachment vest for use indoors or outside
  • Used with Dual Action Pulleys for unique Functional Cable Training drills
  • The vest features additional padding for extra comfort
  • Rings to add weights on and also 2 heavy duty straps to finally secure the vest.

Advantages for wearing a gym training vest 

  • Performing dragging drills with sleds or tyres – multiple attachment points provide one-sided or joint loading at hip or shoulder height Loading the core centrally for dozens of cable exercises, such as lunge or reverse woodchop
  • Rehabilitation to reduce the load on the body by changing the position of the cable attachment
  • Advanced exercises, such as weighted pull ups, as a simple way to attach load to the body without compromising position

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