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Gladius foot station

Gladius foot station


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Adjustable angle for foot support. Super durable and welded construction to ensure 100% safety.

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 Technical Specifications:

Parameter Value
The dimensions 80 cm x 45 cm x 70 cm
(Height x width x depth) dimensions are increased during exercise
Weight 20 kg
Tested strength 300 kg
Profile construction 80x60x2 mm and 50x50x2 mm
Adjusting eject supports the feet 4 degrees every 2.5 cm
Adjusting the angle of the support under the foot so, smooth
Keeping links - a system of 4 wheels
Link: 4mm PCV
Handles next support so / 20 cm each, fi diameter of 33.7 mm
Basing the back 80 cm x 30 cm
(Length x width)
Seat 31 cm x 30 cm
(Length x width)
Wheels: plastic with steel bearings, deep groove on the cable.
Can be mounted: - lifts series HEAVY Gladius
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