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Gym gear battle rope 15 meter

Fitness Health Pro

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Gym gear battle ropes are ideal for high energy strength indoor or outdoor cardio workouts.

The battle rope is made from Polyester high quality ergo design makes it ideal for all types of training. Crossfit/ Rugby / Circuits etc/ 

Added nylon coating for rope protection 

25mm - 6kg 

35mm - 9kg 

50mm - 15kg 

Easy to use a great aid for HIIT training fat burning, cardio

15 meter 



Colour; Black 

Length ; 9 meters 

Material: rope/Polyester Dacron    two ends /polyethylene contracted pipe

38mm Diameter

9.2Metre Battling Rope

G.W.: 8.35 Kg

Length: 9.2m/30ft


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