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Hack Squat Leg Press Machine

Hack Squat Leg Press Machine


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Introduce you to the Kelton HM2 HACK Squat Press Machine. You can use this machine for a leg press and hack squat! It's perfect for hitting all of the lower body muscles ideal professional-level equipment.

Hack squat - Unlike the traditional squat, it has a backrest and guided movement. This means that this is very safe for completing the movement of each exercise. The weights are placed on the lateral pole supports, the shoulder pads are great for maintaining stability. With this kind of squat, there's also an increase in flexibility of the lower back whilst working quadriceps, glutes and hip flexors. 

Leg press-   The machine stabilizes your body and guides your route which prevents dangerous movements from happening. With this position, you can safely train the leg muscles, focusing on movements ideal for training hamstrings and the quadriceps.

Ideal for loading Olympic weights 

There are many features on the leg press/hack squat that are overlooked on many more expensive machines; these features, combined with the typical high-quality construction make for a functional and quality piece of kit.


Technical Specifications:

Parameter Value
Overall dimensions
(length x height x width)
215 cm x 170 cm x 80 cm
Weight 103 kg
Tested strength 480 kg
Construction profile 50x50x2
Hack machine base width 80 cm
Hack machine base length 215 cm
Carriage system 8 bearings
Back/feet platform riffled plate 4 mm, 56 cm x 57 cm (width x length)
(width x length)
28 cm x 51 cm
(width x length)
28 cm x 31 cm
(width x length)
17 cm x 29 cm
Upholstery thickness 3 cm, rebound foam
Double stitching Yes
Carriage height adjustment 9 levels every 10 cm
Handle diameter 30 mm
Load per handle 6 pcs max x 20 kg (Total length: 22 cm)
Number of handles 4 pcs

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