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Hand Bar Wrist Straps Urban Gym

Hand Bar Wrist Straps Urban Gym

Urban Gym

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Urban Gym Wear Figure of 8 Straps reduce stress on the wrist and forearms allowing you to concentrate more on technique and working the targetted muscle. Unlike regular lifting straps, our figure 8 straps can be adjusted at any staging point during the exercise without having to loosen the strap's grip on the bar.

Product features: Made with a heavy-duty cotton canvas Perfect for heavy lifting Padded insert on the wrist


The "LIFTING CUFF" hand bar wrist Straps built like figure "8" shape are best in town for heavy lifting.

Built out of Nylon and lined with shock-absorbent neoprene padding which enhances stability.

Hand bar wrist straps enable strongman competitors, powerlifters, bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletes to perform every heavy workout sessions imaginable. Supports the wrists during heavy lifts. One size fits all, Sold in Pairs.

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