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Hexagon Cones for Speed Agility Training 50 Set

Hexagon Cones for Speed Agility Training 50 Set

Fitness Health

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HEXAGON TRAINING CONES: These are ideal for creating hurdles which are great for exercises for dogs. Practice cones are only 5cm in height when set up making them perfect for small dog training keeping them fit & entertained whilst teaching them agility and tricks excellent choice for a variety of fitness cones drills across a range of sports cones like training cones football agility cones.

SET OF 50 CONES PER PACK STACKABLE: The disc cone markers speed training equipment can be stacked together either to increase the obstacle height plastic cones for training also the unique design can resist the wind during outdoor training. Fitness running agility safety training. The highly visible standard training cones are useful for marking out training drills perfect for agility drills making course markers during soccer, basketball, football, hockey, running, and tennis training.

FITNESS HEALTH TRAINING CONES: Perfect training equipment is used to make obstacles for running drills and boundary line markers for agility training. With practice cones, you can purchase poles for balancing on top of the disc cones for making speed hurdles the intricacy of movement, the stresses on body position, suitable agility form, and performance. The influence of training has never been as important as it is now to ensure your team does not miss a step with the fitness training cones.

BUILT TO LAST: Durable and flexible. Our long-lasting soccer cones will bounce back after getting stepped on, kicked, and run over season after season. Mini cones sport Great as boundary markers, sports practice, and targets. Especially perfect for agility drills ideal for making courses convenient for us to store and use, lightweight easy-to-carry trainers, can also modify them into semi-open drills by producing movement options and having the competitor respond to an outside stimulus.

Item Features:

  • The Hexagon cone set is lightweight making them easily transportable.
  •  50 cones (10 Red, Green, Blue, White, Orange, and Yellow)
  • The complete 50 set comes with a cone carry stand, smaller sets don't come with the stand. 
  •  Cone size 18cm x 18cm Width 5cm Height




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