FH Home Gym Flooring Interlocking Protective Floor Mats

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Fitness Health interlocking floor mats are ideal for placement under heavy exercise training  equipment such as multi gyms, heavy weights, benches, squat racks etc .

Made from quality grade EVA, each of the 4 mats are 60cm x 60cm and are interlocking (like a jigsaw) they are 1cm in depth. 

The EVA mats help protect the floor whilst also protecting your body joints. High impact exercises such like box jumps, place the body bones and joints under major pressure whilst exercising. If you are jumping from or onto concrete you joints will weaken after time. Using flooring can help reduce the shock and stop your joints from suffering. 

100% waterproof 
Anti slip patterned finish 
Non-slip, water resistant and easy to clean 
Tear Resistant 
Interlocking Design 
Reduces noise and provide a firm shock-absorbing surface 
Covers 1.44m²area 
Easy to expand area coverage by adding more mats 

Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm x 1cm (10mm) x 4pcs 
Colour: Black 
Main Material: EVA