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Home Gym Resistance Exercises Fitness Band Set Equipment

Home Gym Resistance Exercises Fitness Band Set Equipment

Fitness Health

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Product Feature:

  • The home gym resistance band training set is designed for home workouts. The set combined with the sliders makes this product extremely versatile. Combining the equipment can offer over 200 different types of exercises.  
  • When using these bands you can produce great results,  not just muscle strength but balance, agility and muscle power. 
  • Combining the whole band set can deliver a staggering 150 lbs resistance. 
  • By using resistance this  set you can use a combination of 30 different weight loads.


Foam handles are for mostly upper body workouts.

Ankle straps are for more lower body and abdominal workouts.  

Door Anchor is used for indoor workouts.

Band colours and strengths 

1 Yellow BAND – Extra Light 10 lbs
1 Blue BAND – Light 16 lbs
1 Red BAND – Medium 25lbs
1 Green BAND – Heavy 30 lbs
1 Black BAND – Extra Heavy 35 lbs

The following attachments are made from nylon webbing and also included with the training set:

2 Ankle Straps - 20 cm long 
1 Door Anchor - 17 cm long 
2 Foam handles - 12 cm Handle Length
1 Fitness Health Bag - 9 length x 6 inches width

FH gliding Two-sided design works well on various floors, plastic side for smooth surfaces (carpet or rug flooring), and the soft foam side for hard floors (hardwood, laminate, tile).

Low impact yet highly effective for core development, the gliding discs are aimed at a total body workout which helps reduce stress and injury while also adds fun to your daily routines.

Lightweight and compact, packed in the storage sack for convenient storage and carrying, ideal for gym fitness, home/office workout or business travel.

Diameter 20 cm thickness 0.5 cm 

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