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Iron is an essential mineral in the human body. It has many important functions such as; oxygen transportation, tissue and enzyme interaction, proteins and metabolism. It is necessary in formation of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. The body stores 15% of its iron for future use for when adequate amount of iron intake is lacking. When food is ingested our bodies control the amount of iron that is absorbed.

When Iron levels get too low its functions may not perform properly and can cause interference with important body functions. Iron is required to produce healthy haemoglobin/ hemoglobin. Haemoglobin is the protein within red blood cells that carries oxygen around the body. Iron supports the transportation of oxygen and nutrients around the body.

Iron plays a key role in the production of ATP which provides the body with energy as the body uses an energy system called ATP-PC (AdenosineTri Phosphate- Phosphate Creatine). Iron’s role in ATP production helps increase energy levels.

Low Levels of iron can cause problems with the body’s production of antibodies and ATP. As a result, iron deficient people can become tired, fatigued and may have a weakened immune system. Supplementing with Iron can be necessary even if Haemoglobin levels appear fine, as ATP production may be limited and supplementing with Iron can boost ATP production.

Our Iron tablets are ideal for those who lack an iron rich diet or want to increase their intake of Iron. A recent survey suggest that 90% of women (child bearing age) do not meet the recommended intake (14mg) on a daily basis. Iron is lost through menstruation so it is important women of child bearing age consume adequate amounts of Iron.

Peak Supps Iron Tablets provide 14mg of Iron, this is 100% of your Nutrient Reference Value (NRV).

Our tablets are suitable for vegetarians.