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Lat Pull Down Cable System Home Workout Set

Lat Pull Down Cable System Home Workout Set


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The Kelton Lat Cable Wire Pulley System is made from a mixture of steel and alloy high-grade materials, making this set robust and adequate providing protection for lifting heavyweights. 

This unique cable pulley design enables you to complete total body workouts which can lift up to 200kg

Kelton Home Pulley Weight System cable machine system set 

Included in the set 

  • 3 meters high-density steel rope coated with nylon
  • The metal-coated steel loading pin for weight loading 26cm (circumference)
  • Lateral pulldown bar 110cm in length with 12cm rubber hand grips  
  • 2 carabiners - 8cm 
  • Pulley base with 2 ABS  Plastic wheels with steel bearings - length 50cm
  • Rubber stopper for the cable pulley

Develop your body without the help of anyone! the Kelton home gym pulley system can help you perform lat pulldowns, back rows, tricep pulldowns and much more, for biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back exercises that can build muscles. This set will be the better choice for the people who are looking to build their bodies from their home fitness studio or garage.

This LAT pulley system works with all kind of weights as you can use weights for loading alternately you can use kettlebells, dumbbells, power bags, weighted bags, and Olympic plates (plates not included).

Please note fixings are not included, as fixings will vary depending on which material you are attaching the base to. Suggest asking your local builder's trade merchants.

Dimensions 50 cm x 8 cm x 110 cm
(length x height x width)
Weight 6 kg
Tested durability 200 kg (when properly mounted)
Construction profiled 80x60x2 mm
Width with lat bar HD3 110 cm
Length of weight rod 50 cm
The diameter of the weight rod 26,9 mm
Minimal diameter of weight rod 27 mm
Wheels: Plastic with steel bearings and deep rabbet
Line: 4mm PCV nylon-coated (length 3 meters)
Bar fitting Bush 6 mm
Bard Long bar HD3 FREE
Screws and bolts none
(construction will select pins ideal for the type of material in your attaching too)

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