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Kids Sports Development Course - Swansea

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Kids Course
This course is aimed at teaching the fundamental basics of sporting skills development.

The goals of this course are:
  • Focusing on developing children's co-ordination, reactions and balance.
  • Looking in detail at sets of different skills that are needed for sport related development.
  • Teaching techniques needed for running and amongst other skills, the kinetics of jumping.
  • Lessons will be kept thoroughly enjoyable and fun and encompassing.
  • Basic skills that are very valuable to learn at a young age.
Its strange that we are taught to read and write , but not how to sprint and jump.
We teach children how to train their brain as well as their muscles   
Rene Harwood, Personal Trainer, Sports Team Development
Founder of 
only 20 places available:-
Children between 8 - 11 years old.
packed lunch included (please inform us of any allergies beforehand)

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