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Leg station

Leg station


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The thick foam upholstery will give you a sense of comfort so you could practice your legs like a pro and do a series of exercises on your hamstrings and quadriceps. 

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Technical Specifications:

Parameter Value
Dimensions 60 cm x 50 cm x 55 cm
(length x height x width)
Weight 10 kg
Tested durability 180 kg
Steel 50x50x2 mm and 40x40x2 mm
Width of the leg station 50 cm
Length of weight plates rod 30 cm
Diameter of the weight plate rod 25 mm
Minimum diameter of the plates 26 mm
Hight regulation system 6 stopni
Diameter of the upholstery bolster 10 cm
Diameter of the upholstery bolster 3 cm
Movement range 145 stopni
You can mount up to: - Benches line Kelton HOME and HEAVY (Triton series, Spartan, Hunter and Hyperion)
- Atlases line Kelton HOME and HEAVY (series Python, Gladius)
* mounting additional accessories kit is required in the composition, which includes: knob, grommet, pin.
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