Organic Coconut Sugar Terrafertil 1kg

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Unrefined alternative to sugar.
Low G.I.
100% Raw and Natural
No Soya, Grain & Gluten
No Sulphates or Chemicals
Very similar to soft brown sugar.
Perfect on porridge, use just like conventional sugar.

Sweeten your favorite drinks and dishes naturally with this mineral-rich alternative to sugar. Made from the nectar of coconut blossoms in sun-blessed Indonesia, ours is a healthier low-fructose option to cane sugar. It's also full of energy-boosting iron and heart-healthy potassium, and tastes lovely-rich and complex, almost like toffee.

 The health benefits: 100g of our organic coconuts sugar gives you a powerful: 18.0% of the RDA of iron (2.5mg) 37.7% of the RDA of potassium (75.5mg)