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Powerlifting Program 4 Week Ebook

Powerlifting Program 4 Week Ebook

Fitness Health

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The primary objective for 4 training plan to build strength and technique for powerlifting exercises.

4 Week Powerlifting Program:  For the Novice Lifters that just got into the gym, want to increase their strength & start their powerlifting journey, This programs for you.

The training plan consists of 4 workouts complete 4 times per week.  


Health Warning 

The exercises and workouts described in the book should be used as part of an overall

conditioning or strengthening exercise programme. It is the responsibility of the exerciser to perform correctly and identify suitable and unsuitable exercises.

No responsibility is accepted for any damage or injury suffered as a result of the

use of the information or reliance upon it. It is the user's own responsibility, irrespective of a user’s medical or physical condition. No responsibility or liability is accepted for any damage or injury suffered by any person as a result of undertaking these exercises or adopting the information and recommendations.  


The information contained in this book is the sole property of Fitness Health. Copying this material without the prior consent of its author is strictly prohibited and is a breach of UK copyright laws.


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