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RDX FB Nylon Fitness Sandbag

RDX FB Nylon Fitness Sandbag


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Product Feature:

  • The shape of the bag is designed to allow for both upper and lower body training while emphasizing grip strength at all times.
  • The three different types of handles allow the athletes to execute exercises by using different grips.
  • The Bulgarian Power Bag is the ultimate fitness tool for both serious Olympic caliber athletes and the average fitness enthusiast. If you are looking for a method of training that maximizes your strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, mobility, and overall explosiveness then training with the Bulgarian Power Bag is for you!
  • Every size bag and weight can be identified by the different colors of the strap handle.
  • The Bulgarian Power Bag strengthens and increases your muscular endurance and overall shoulder and joint mobility.
  • Bulgarian Power Bags are perfect for a variety of unique exercises for every athlete and sport because they deliver extreme all-round fitness.
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