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RDX X1 Punch Bag Floor Anchor

RDX X1 Punch Bag Floor Anchor


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Product Feature:

  • Constructed from Maya Hide™ treated leather and nylon web straps for lasting durability
  • D shackle with Red Oxide anti-rust coating ideal for outdoors and all weather use
  • Designed with maximum swing reduction without the need to drill holes in the floor
  • Heavy duty and secure zip-fastened closure for ease of filling or refilling  
  • Comes unfilled and can be filled with sand or other materials  


RDX X1 Punch Bag floor anchor is designed to stay in place and reduce swing without the need for being drilled into the floor. Made to be super convenient for boxers and boxing trainers on the go, this punch bag floor weight can be easily filled with sand or any material of your choice and is portable for using anywhere. A high quality punching bag stabilizer compatible with all RDX® tethered loop models. Unbeatable solidity to withstand every kick and the most ruthless of punches. Measures 45cm wide and comes unfilled

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