The Resistance Band Exercise Training Ebook

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 Resistance Band Training book.

Fitness Health is a UK professional resistance band supplier, also supplying instructional videos and plans. In this resistance exercise band training book we have put together the different benefits that you can attain from resistance band training, this includes detailed descriptions and photo of resistance band exercises. All the information supplied is focused on teaching you how to get the best results from resistance band training. Including resistance band training systems, type of exercise bands, resistance band upper body exercises, resistance band lower body and kinetic leg band exercises, abdominal and lower back exercises and resistance band strength training.

Language = English, Spanish or Deutsch 

Author = Rene Harwood ( Personal Trainer)

First Release Date-  Oct 2013


This book is downloaded as a PDF file meaning that you can read the resistance training book on any phone, tablet, ipad, laptop or computer device that can read PDF files.


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