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Resistance Exercise Band Medium with Foam Door Anchor

Resistance Exercise Band Medium with Foam Door Anchor

Fitness Health

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Product Feature:

  • Perfect for anyone who wants to stay fit but can’t make it to the gym. One simple band with detachable handles can be used for a variety of toning exercises and stretches.
  • Depending on where you place it, stand on it, or anchor it in a doorway, you can perform a full body workout with exercises like back rows, chest presses, shoulder raises, bicep curls, and leg extensions.
  • Elastic bands allow you to work muscles from different angles with a greater range of motion than with traditional weight training machines for improved strength, balance, and coordination.



FH Medium Resistance Exercise Bands are elastic bands made of strong Latex tubing.Strengthening joints and building power in the muscles the black resistance band will deliver resistance in your total body workout. 46 inches Length - 25 Lbs Resistance - Complete with door anchor and training leaflet


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