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Decline Bench Press, Diagonal Heavy Duty Gym Bench

Decline Bench Press, Diagonal Heavy Duty Gym Bench


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Equipped with a 3 control system to sculpt your six-pack or define more of your chest muscle. It has a larger than average base to ensure safety during training.

Has a Bench regulation in 9 levels so you could train your muscles under various of different angles.

Durable and strong quality tested for 400kg capscity 


Technical Specifications:

Parameter Value
Dimensions 140 cm x 60 - 75 cm x 55 cm
(length x hight x width)
Backrest regulation yes (in 9 levels)
Legs blockage element hight regulation yes (smooth regulation)
Legs blockage position regulation yes (3 positions)
Weight 20 kg
Tested durability 400 kg
Steel profile 50x50x2 mm
Leg support width 52 cm
Leg support length 16 cm and 30 cm
Backrest width 28 cm
Backrest length 80 cm
Foam thickness 3 cm
Base width 55 cm
Base length 140 cm
Bench legs diameter 6 cm
Double sews yes
Non-slip yes
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