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Rubber Dumbbells Bouncer Style Rapid Strength

Rubber Dumbbells Bouncer Style Rapid Strength

Rapid Strength

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High-quality RS Rubber Bouncer Dumbbells with solid ends.

Contoured Chrome easy grip handle Rubber coated. 

Ideal for a wide range of fitness workouts - wherever you are!
Helps build core strength and stability and works for all the major muscle groups.
Use in the convenience and privacy of your own home.

 The solid steel construction complete with rubber coating makes for a strong, highly durable piece of kit that won’t chip or crack.

Our dumbbells are solid steel weights pressed onto solid steel handles which is then machine welded so it will never come loose.

The handles are chrome coated with the correct depth of knurling to enhance grip and promote comfort/ safety.

 Product Features

  • Simple, modern design that will suit any commercial or home gym
  • Solid steel core and black rubber coating for ultimate durability
  • Knurled easy-grip handle
  • One-piece, solid design means accurate weight and precision balance
  • Stylish and extremely durable
  • Straight chrome handle


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