Smitha machine for home gym - Heavy Duty

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Technical Specifications:

Parameter Value
(length x hight x width)
120 cm x 198 cm x 213 cm
Steel profile 80x60x2 mm
50x50x2 mm
Strengthening beams yes, 50x50x2 mm steel profile
Weight (without weights) 80 kg
Tested strength 500 kg
Base width 140 cm
Base length 120 cm
Barbell hight regulation 10 pairs of hooks (spacing every 15 cm)
Lowest barbell position 50 cm from the floor
Highest barbell position 190 cm from the floor
Barbell safeguarding yes (on 2 hooks)
Barbell movement Two rails
Barbell spacing around 152 cm
Length of the weight storage part around 32 cm
Barbell diameter fi 30 mm
Possibility to install weight plates storage pegs yes
Possibility to screw to the floor yes

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