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Speed Agility Ladder Zig Zag 8 Rug

Speed Agility Ladder Zig Zag 8 Rug

Fitness Health

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Fitness Training Z Ladder

Fitness Training Z Ladder

Product Features:

  • Great fitness equipment for those of you involved in sports like soccer, football, tennis, trail running, and more. Lay it out the step ladders for fast footwork set up for shuffle-up football fitness training.
  • Football training equipment for kids is ideal for all ages play with different drills like T cone drill or Z shape cone drills run through with controls foot position side to side or hopping with both feet.
  • This gym equipment can be used in lots of different sports like boxing training, sprint training, kids rope ladder and football training equipment.
  • The package includes one fitness health training Z ladder and a carry bag.

Product Details:

  • Rug thickness: 1cm in diameter
  • Number of training rugs: 8
  • Each rug dimensions: 3cm in width, 45cm in length
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