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Speed bag platform

Speed bag platform


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Speed bag platform you can fit directly on the wall or on HD18 rails. You also can get 7 different stations which you can mount on the rails. It is super durable, made from 4mm thick angle bar steel. Ensures stable and safe boxing bag fitting. It is compact and does not take much space. 

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Technical Specifications:

Parameter Value
Dimensions 130 cm x 39 cm x 55 cm
(length x hight x width)
Weight 12 kg
Tested strength 300 kg
Steel profile 50x50x2 mm, 30x20x2 mm
Frame width 55 cm
Frame hight 39 cm
Wall/rails fitting yes/yes
Spacing between assembly holes 39 cm
Diameter of assembly hole fi 12 mm
Distance from the wall 91 cm
Diameter of the platform 70 cm
Thickness of the platform 1,5 cm
Speed bag fitting on carabiner
Speed bag in set no
Assembly screws none

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