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Straight Bar Cable Machine attachment (red)

Straight Bar Cable Machine attachment (red)


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  • High-quality straight bar made from high quality steel, coated with high definition red
  • Benefits from rubber handgrips which are 12 cm in length with a hanger in the centre of the bar
  • The Solid steel construction making the bar durable and strong.
  • Bar attaches to your multi gym, cable or smith machine, etc In total the length of the bar is 51 cm long
  • Steel construction: The cable straight bar is made of high-quality steel, which makes it extremely durable and strong. Lightweight design: Despite its strength and durability, the cable straight bar is also lightweight, weighing only 0.8KG. This makes it easy to handle and use for longer periods. Red Finish: The bar comes with a red finish that makes it stand out and adds a touch of style to your gym equipment. Commercial-grade quality: Although the bar is lightweight, it is designed to hold up to commercial gym standards and can handle heavy weights without bending or breaking.

    Technical Specifications:

    Parameter Value
    Bar length 51 cm
    Construction profile Round proile fi 22 mm
    thick 3 mm
    Weight 0,61 kg
    Tested strength 150 kg


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