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Speed Training Agility Weighted Ladder 4 Meter

Speed Training Agility Weighted Ladder 4 Meter

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Product Features:

  • This Speed Training Agility Weighted Ladder is the perfect addition to your training arsenal. Its simple design and versatile use make it a great choice for athletes of all levels.
  • With its four-meter length, you can create a variety of shapes and patterns to challenge your agility and speed.
  • And with its added weight, this ladder will give you the resistance you need to take your training to the next level. 
  • This is a weighted ladder with a simple design that uses bean bags.
  • Ideal for sports agility training, versatile training equipment that can be used in many different ways for sport games.
  • Can be laid out in different shapes depending on the training, it could be anything from zigzag, circular, straight line, curved or triangle. 

 Product details 

  • 10 bean bags 
  • Length of webbing 4.2 meters 
  • weight per bean bag 200 grams 
  • size per bean bag 10cm (w) x 13 cm (l) x 3 cm (d)
  • webbing 2cm thickness
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