Fitness Health Kids Sports Development Summer 2015 Programme

This course is aimed at teaching the fundamental basics of  sporting skills development
Its goals are:
  • Focussing on developing children,s co-ordination; reactions and balance.
  • Looking in detail at lots of different skills that are needed for sport related development.
  • Teaching techniques needed for running and amongst other skills the Kinetics of jumping.
  • Lessons will be kept throughouly enjoyable and fun, encompassing
  • Basic skills that are very valuable to learn at a young age.
Its strange that we are taught to read and write , but not how to sprint and jump.
We teach children how to train their brain as well as their muscles    
Rene Harwood, Personal Trainer, Sports Team Development
Founder of 
only 20 places available:-
Children between 8 - 11 years old.

What you get for £75

Starter pack worth £30 which included 

  • Free t shirt
  • Football Bib  
  • Drinks bottle
  • Training Ladder
  • Packed Lunch Everyday


So you can have an idea of the details, activities and location of the course. Please find a broken down description below for the weeks layout (venues TBC)   

Monday 3 rd August - - The Recreation Ground, Oystermouth Road (next to St Helens Rugby Ground)

9.45 am Start  /Welcome

10.15 am  -11. 15 am  Ice breaker games

11.15 am -11.30 am Short break

11.30 am  - 12.30 pm  Basic Movements and Balance Test

12.30 pm - 1 pm  lunch break

1.15 pm - 2pm   co-ordination exercise's


Tuesday 4 th August - Ashley Road Car Park , Oystermouth Road  

10 am - 11.15 am Plyometrics Training Exercises

11.15 am - 11.30 am Short break

11.30 am - 12.30 pm Speed Training Games - time trial tests - sprint training

12.30 pm - 1 pm  lunch break

1.15 pm - 2pm  fun exercises - muscle reaction training

Wednesday (beach training day)- The Recreation Ground Oystermouth Road (next to St Helens Rugby Ground)  - 360 Swansea Bay

10 am 10.45 Beach Volley Ball

10.45 am - 11 am Short break

11 am  - 12pm Beach Atheltics activities and games  

12.30 pm  - 1 pm Lunch break

1 - 2 pm Volleyball


Thursday 5th August - The Recreation Ground,  Oystermouth Road (next to St Helens Rugby Ground)

10 am - 11.15  Rugby training

11.15 - 11.30 Break

11.30 - 12.30  Football training

12.30- 1 pm  Lunch break

1.15pm  - 2pm  Training Games


Friday -Singleton park -  Thursday 5th August - The Wreck, Oystermouth Road (next to St Helens Rugby Ground)  8.45 am

9 am - 11am   Mix it up Session - Jumping and Mutli Directional movments

11 am -  11.30 am   Lunch Break

11.30 am - 12.30 pm  Speed Training Games - time trial tests - sprint training

12.30 am - 1 pm  Certificates and Completion Awards


Please note this is a layout of the week not confirmed, location can change if weather is too bad.


We will have a minium of 2 staff on throuhgout the course.


A fully qualified nurse and first aider will be supervising every event.


We cannot be responsable for any belongings we ask for all expensive items such like phones to be left at home.


Details Coach

Rene Harwood


Details Nurse

Jenny Harwood / Feli Muller

Coaches Assistant

Isetyn Williams