Gymnastic Ring Training



Gymnastic ring exercises can be quite beneficial to people other than gymnasts. They can help improve both strength and flexibility, while being versatile enough to accommodate anyone and allowing you to move from one position to another in no time at all. For the vast majority of people, the gym rings would not be used as they would with gymnasts, as this would require learning a completely different modality. That said, they can be used in exercises that you might normally perform, but add in a novel stimulus.


First loop the straps over the tree branch or supported bar. Do this by throwing the clasp over the branch first, once the clasp is over the branch lower it so it is within reach. Hold the clasp and take the opposite end of the strapping then feed this through the clasp as shown in the picture below. 

Make sure that the end of the strap is fed through the correct way as shown above. Push down on the clasp and feed the webbing strap through the gap whilst applying pressure to the clasp button. Once you have roughly 5 cm of webbing strap through the clasp release the pressure button. Then by holding the end of the strapping that is fed through the clasp press down the pressure button and pull down on the strapping. You can adjust the length of the strapping using the pressure button on top of the clasp.

Alway complete 1 rep and test that the branch or supporting is safe. Do this by applying your bodyweight on to the rings first then complete a rep slowly making sure that you have a safe landing place and that dangerous objects a laying around you.  



For more  information on exercises for using these rings please follow here